Get the Most Out of Your Commercial or Business Property

Get the Most Out of Your Commercial or Business Property

Serving Ortonville, Brandon & Waterford Township, MI

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Paul's Tree Care has the equipment, knowledge, insurance coverage and experienced staff to turn your business's landscape into an oasis. We serve a variety of industrial, commercial, retail and golf properties. These include, but are not limited to, residential neighborhoods, apartment complexes, golf courses, corporate campuses, landmarks and more. Paul's Tree Care is more than happy to provide pre or post-construction consultation for your commercial lot. We will assess property hazards, tree-risks, diagnosing & treating diseased trees and more to enhance your company's curb appeal.

Paul's Tree Care does not shy away from a challenge

We understand that each business is unique, and that doesn't stop at their landscape. At Paul's Tree Care in Ortonville, Brandon & Waterford Township, MI we address your unique commercial challenges. Having a dead or dying tree on your property should be a priority for any business owner. The potential risks of the tree falling and causing additional property damage are incredibly high when there are dead or dying trees about. Paul's Tree Care has years of experiencing diagnosing tree health and determining whether or not the tree can be salvaged or will need to come down. The bottom line for commercial properties is insuring the safety of your customers and diagnosing the current state of your landscape is the first step.